Welcome to the Mathematical Formula Recognition (MathFoR) project!

Our goal is to provide a set of Java libraries to recognize mathematical notation from digital-ink documents.

The idea is that the user writes mathematical notation on an enhanced mathematical document editor using pen-based devices such as electronic tablets, Tablet PCs or PDAs.

The editor will help in building the mathematical expression, and will provide as output a LaTeX or MathML encoded string which can be used directly in the editor.

Mathematicians will not have to enter LaTeX code directly anymore: they can type a document as usual, and call a plug-in to recognize handwritten formulas or simple mathematical sketches, anytime they do not want to type it themselves.

The Java libraries will provide the developers with solutions for some problems involving the recognition of pen-based mathematics:

  • Recognition of mathematical symbols.
  • Interpretation of mathematical notation.
  • Segmentation of digital ink.

MathFoR was supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) under the grant RO2171/11-1.